Friday, August 07, 2009

More Misinformation From The White House Dept of Information

Which vehicles are Americans buying in the Cash For Clunkers program? It depends on who you rely on for your information, the White House Office of Dis-Information or a private, and probably evil, automotive company,

The White House list had only small vehicles, thereby boosting their claims that given a chance Americans would buy their planet loving, global saving, little cars, but it turns out that was due to some creative bookkeeping.
The discrepancy is a result of the methods used. uses traditional sales measurements, tallying sales by make and model. The government uses a more arcane measurement method that subdivides models according to engine and transmission types, counting them as separate models. For example, the Ford Escape is available in six different versions including two- and four-wheel drive and hybrid versions. The government counts each version as a different vehicle using guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency.
Compare their list to what Edmunds has as the most bought vehicles.

1. Ford Escape
2. Ford Focus
3. Jeep Patriot
4. Dodge Caliber
5. Ford F-150
6. Honda Civic
7. Chevy Siverado
8. Chevy Cobalt
9. Toyota Corolla
10. Ford Fusion

Yup, folks still like their pickups and SUV's and I would like to think that the presence of so many Ford vehicles on the list is due to the fact that they didn't take any government, (taxpayer) money, even though they still remain under the thumb of UAW, and Americans are showing them a little love.

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