Thursday, July 08, 2010

Aww: Poor Obama Misses Taking Walks

I guess the interviewer forgot to remind him he takes plenty of walks weekly on the golf course.
Q Can you tell us what is the thing you miss most about your life before the presidency?

THE PRESIDENT: Taking walks. There is a value to anonymity in terms of just being able to wander around, sit on a park bench, take your kids to get ice cream without having Secret Service and helicopters over you. That part of this life I'll never get used to. In fact, I remember when I first visited Jerusalem, I could wander through the Old City and haggle for some gifts to bring back to Michelle, or stand at the Wailing Wall, and people didn’t know who I was. And that is a profound pleasure that is very hard to experience now.
Sounds to me like he's asking to be returned to private life.

Let's hope he takes a long walk in 2012.

Isn't it interesting he's largely ducking American media interviews yet is now sucking up to the Israelis? I doubt they're dumb enough to buy his nonsense.

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