Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Doubling Down on Stupid

So I see the troubled child Levi Johnston has apologized to the Palins for being a stupid kid. Let's hope his enablers man up and do the same, but I won't be holding my breath.

As Tim Blair notes, Sullivan has yet to mention the latest news from Johnston.

No wonder. He's still busy, as of Tuesday, obsessing over Trig Palin.

Impeccable timing.
So it doesn't really matter what's true; what matters is if the inquiry could hurt liberals! As for her debunking of what's true, she should know that this blog has never claimed that Trig was Bristol's kid, just that I don't believe Palin's stories and would like to have simple, easily provided, proof. So please, once again with feeling: please prove me wrong. Any medical record clearly showing Palin's maternity will do.
That was a few hours before Johnston's confession. Hours later, in his most recent, Sullivan references his earlier Trig talk, with no mention of Johnston admission of lies that he just recently claimed nobody has refuted.
And no one has yet found an obvious lie in anything Levi has said, while her lies spew out like Deepwater Horizon.
Obviously his response will be along the lines of "somebody got to Levi" or some such nonsense.
Bursting that bubble of fear and intimidation is critical to getting at the truth.
The truth is Levi Johnston has a lot of making up to do after his malicious tales about the Palins. So too do all his accomplices and enablers. Yet the Sullivans of the world will never admit their hatred for Sarah Palin long ago clouded their judgment and have rendered them irrelevant when it comes to an honest discussion about her.

Update: Sure enough, Johnston "crumbled under the pressure" and the Palins coerced him back into line. How do we know? Crazy Andy says so!

H/T Ace.

Update: Amazingly, he just keeps digging.
She's nothing if not brutal in defense of her own interests and lies.

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