Friday, July 16, 2010

Jihadi Enabling Lawyer Gets Extension on Sentence

Our favorite terrorist enabling civil rights attorney is going to get a little more time in jail to write her memoirs.
A judge had resentenced a 70-year-old civil rights lawyer to 10 years in prison for letting a jailed Egyptian sheik communicate with his radical followers.

Federal Judge John Koeltl sentenced Lynne Stewart in Manhattan after she pleaded with him to reimpose the two-year, four-month sentence he had originally given her in 2006. She said she has been diminished since her November imprisonment.

An appeals court had ordered a new sentencing, saying the judge needed to consider whether she committed perjury. Koeltl says she did and he says she lacked remorse after her first sentencing.

Just a little good news to get your Friday morning off to a good start. No doubt the cracker is calling Eric Holder right now to intercede on her behalf. If only she was in the country illegally.

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