Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Biden Dozes Off During Obama Speech

Let's face it: How many times can someone listen to a guy read prepared text off a TelePrompter before you start tuning him out? It's not as if his boss was saying anything he believed, anyway.
Vice President Biden was caught on camera dozing off for the better part of a minute during President Obama's much-hyped deficit speech Wednesday.

Biden's eyes were firmly closed and his head bobbed several times - often the tell-tale signs of a good snooze.

He eventually jolt awaked [sic] - and looked into his lap as if taking notes or in deep thought.

Biden's nap, first noticed by ABC's The Note blog, was particularly noticeable as he was seated next to the seemingly engaged Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

The gaffe-prone Vice President did not seem to be the only one struggling to stay awake. A woman seated behind him in glasses was also caught on tape fighting droopy eyelids.
Now Obama's not only blowing smoke and just saying things he thinks people want to hear, he's downright boring.


uncledan said...

Joe should have gotten some of his daughter Ashley's cocaine stash, that would have kept him awake.
Is there anyone in the country other than the JournOList media who actually believed what Obama said today?

Doc99 said...

Why single out Biden? The Media's been asleep since 2008.

mike said...

this is the second time I have felt respect for Joe Biden.
the first is hearing how he managed to continue after the death of his wife. 
may you have many uninterrupted naps after the 2012 election Mr. Vice President.

Georg Felis said...

I have to admit, I missed this on TV.  There was this long whining droning noise that just went on, and on, and there was some horrible dream where I was being accused of not paying enough in taxes....and then I woke up, the TV was at a commercial, and I missed most of the darned speech.  I'm sure it was fab and rad and cool, the NY Times/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/NBC just loved it.