Thursday, September 22, 2011

AP Laments the 'Lost Generation'

The Obama recession is taking a toll on the young folks who voted for him in droves, according to census data released today. Apparently, however, this is happening in a vacuum. Nobody is to blame.
Call it the recession's lost generation.

In record-setting numbers, young adults struggling to find work are shunning long-distance moves to live with Mom and Dad, delaying marriage and buying fewer homes, often raising kids out of wedlock. They suffer from the highest unemployment since World War II and risk living in poverty more than others - nearly 1 in 5.

New 2010 census data released Thursday show the wrenching impact of a recession that officially ended in mid-2009. It highlights the missed opportunities and dim prospects for a generation of mostly 20-somethings and 30-somethings coming of age in a prolonged slump with high unemployment.

"We have a monster jobs problem, and young people are the biggest losers," said Andrew Sum, an economist and director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University. He noted that for recent college grads now getting by with waitressing, bartending and odd jobs, they will have to compete with new graduates for entry-level career positions when the job market eventually does improve.

"Their really high levels of underemployment and unemployment will haunt young people for at least another decade," Sum said.
Just wondering: If a Republican was in the White House would that president have been named in the article? Curious how the name Obama is missing entirely.

It's as if he didn't exist.

One upside: They actually acknowledge there are at least 11.2 million illegal aliens here.

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