Friday, September 16, 2011

Democrat Attacks Obama: 'In My Entire Political Career, I've Never Seen Anything This Irresponsible'

It's a shame Attack Watch has stopped defending Obama and stopping rumors before they start. After several days of merciless ridicule they appear to have gone into hiding. Well, here's a fresh attack on Obama, so maybe they can come out and defend their man.
Leading House Democrats are accusing the Obama administration of ignoring the lingering mortgage crisis and threatening tens-of-millions of Americans with foreclosure in the process.

The lawmakers – encouraged by Obama's mention of mortgage-relief in his address to Congress last week – were quickly deflated just days later when their efforts to learn the details of the White House plan proved unsuccessful.

"The administration has been AWOL on this issue," charged Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif.), "and the American people are suffering because of the mismanagement."

"In my entire political career, I've never seen anything this irresponsible," he added.
If they think this is irresponsible, who knows what they think about the burgeoning Solyndra scandal. Meanwhile, much like anyone else trying to investigate the most corrupt administration ever, they're running into obstacles.
Cardoza said there's a growing sense the administration is stone-walling.

"They're giving us the same speech they'd given us months before," he said. "We've seen this dog-and-pony show before. It's nothing new. … That's the frustration.
Most transparent presidency ever!

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Richard Butler said...

Watching the (former) Solyndra employees coming out of the woodworks the last few days has been a real eye-opener. Even the company janitor knew they were going to fold. I wonder if Omama will come out with a statement on his crap shoot with this green jobs poster company or will he keep hiding under the table and let Carney take the heat. Maybe Moochelle will make a statement instead.

It's funny watching the dems looking for a discreet way to dump Omama's ass. I'll say this - from what I've seen from his past behavior, when Omama finally does lose his cool it's gonna be nasty.