Saturday, September 24, 2011

'In a Rush to Meet Your Deadline, We Made an Honest Mistake'

Remember this shrieking banshee from the other day? Looks like she's already got some problems with the truth. For someone so eager to redistribute wealth she sure looks like she's been able to cash in on your tax dollars.
The campaign for Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren said Friday she had been paid $192,722 for serving as chairman of a congressional committee that monitored the 2008 federal bank bailout, three times as much as had originally been acknowledged.

The Warren campaign revised the figure following a POLITICO report on Thursday highlighting the fact that the Congressional Oversight Panel, which oversaw the TARP program, has not publicly disclosed exactly how it spent $10.5 million on salaries, travel, consultants and other expenses. Warren said she now supports public access to the oversight panel’s records, though her campaign wouldn’t say if she plans to actively push to open up the records.

Warren served as the oversight panel’s chairman from its creation in the fall of 2008 until September 2010, when President Barack Obama tapped her to help launch the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Senate Republicans, however, blocked her from being formally appointed to head the new agency.

Warren spokesman Kyle Sullivan initially said Warren, who is seeking the Democratic nomination to take on Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) next year, had earned $64,289 for serving on the oversight panel, based on executive-branch financial disclosure statements she filed for 2009 and 2010.

But Sullivan told POLITICO on Friday that the campaign had overlooked $128,433 Warren earned from the panel in 2009.

“In a rush to meet your deadline, we made an honest mistake,” Sullivan said. “And we misread a document and thought $64,289 was for 2009 and 2010. It was only for 2010.”
It's quite amazing how many "honest mistakes" these liberals make.

Some lunatics blame the dreaded "right-wing smear machine" for Warren's so-called honest mistake.

Sure, keep believing that.


CBDenver said...

I just hope she paid her fair share of taxes on this income.  You know, for the roads and cops and such.

gspencer said...

It will be fun when she publishes her tax returns and folks see the $600k+ income from her various part-time jobs.   Somebody will ultimately ask about her lack of charitable contributions (here I am guessing, based on the performance of several notable high income Dems, who seem to believe that government, not charity is the best source of societal assistance).  Then somebody will note that she pays a lot less in marginal tax rates than she says is fair for the "rich".  It will be a fun press conference. 

gspencer said...

<span><span>LOL, brilliant minds, etc, etc</span></span>

Rich V. said...

You have to understand...that Liberals never make mistakes...therefore it's permissible for them to not pay taxes, be givenn preferential treatment by the MSM, airport security, etc.  If only you could take that into consideration, you would understand that to opporse the liberal agenda makes you evil and racist.

Rich Vail
Pikesville Maryland
The Vail Spot dot Blogspot dot Com

Rich V. said...

Liberals don't give to charity...that's a function of all-knowing government.  That's why they are willing to pay exhorbitant tax rates.  So that those who have, can support those who won't/can't.

Rich Vail
Pikesville, Maryland
The Vail Spot dot Blogspot dot Com

gspencer said...

Then in the meantime, she and the other Warren (Buffett) can write checks to the IRS to you know, "do their fair share".

Richard Butler said...

Fear not Elizabeth, if the political career doesn't work out there's a job waiting for you at a wonderful company known as Solyndra.