Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gift Contributions to Pay Down Debt Declining Since 2009

It's funny, but I keep hearing how rich liberals like Warren Buffett claim they're just not taxed enough. Of course he could just shut the fuck up and write a check, but then his puppet Obama couldn't play his cheap class warfare game.

So I was having a look here at Treasury Direct, where you can help pay down the debt, and what do you know, contributions during these heady days of Hopenchange are declining. Back in fiscal year 2009, there were contributions totaling $3,063,057.05. Heck, Obama pulls in nearly that much at his nightly fat-cat-fundraisers. Yet then it declined to $2,840,466.75 for FY 2010, and now it's at $2,429,800.03 for FY 2011 (through July), which ends in October. So it conceivably could meet or surpass FY 2010 if they have a good couple of months to close the year.

Still, this is an embarrassingly low figure. What with the newly-discovered patriotism on the left these past few years and the fierce moral urgency of paying their fair share, this number should be in the hundreds of millions by now. Where are the Michael Moores, Barbra Streisands and Alec Baldwins of the worlds? Why are they greedily hoarding their money and not investing in America?

Last I checked the Obamas were multimillionaires, largely on proceeds of the books Bill Ayers wrote for the semi-literate Barack Obama. Why doesn't Barack whip out the checkbook and cut a check to the Treasury?

Shouldn't he be leading by example? He's big on symbolism over substance. If all his adoring fans see him reach into his own pocket, would that not spur a rush of matching contributions? So it's with patriotic fervor and American pride that we urge all the rich liberals out there to stop the class warfare and pony up. Contribute your fair share now.

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