Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heartache: Obama Rejected by MTV

Can it get any lower for the failed president? Even the lefty moonbats at MTV are tuning him out.
President Obama’s re-election campaign wants to connect with young Americans and reached out recently to MTV for help -- but the cable network turned them down, sources tell The Post.

The president’s Get Out the Vote campaign, run by Buffy Wicks, concerned the high unemployment rate of the so-called millennial generation would turn them off to their candidate, asked the network of “Jersey Shore” about helping to supply them with ideas on how to deal with their, er, situation.

The campaign called MTV’s internal ad agency, MTV Scratch, for assistance in mid-August, sources familiar with the conversations said.

MTV Scratch, run by Ross Martin, former MTVU boss, and Anne Hubert, who was a policy adviser to Jon Corzine when he was a US senator from New Jersey, works across all the MTV Networks and helps marketers such as General Motors and Dr. Pepper understand the mind-set of young people.

The re-election effort wants to reconnect with youth, which were among its most fervent supporters in 2008.

“The youth initiative is having trouble with big donors and youth votes,” said a person familiar with the discussions. “They asked, ‘Can you tell us how we should be talking to them?’ ” one source noted.


Eli said...


Yeah maybe you should try not pissing in their faces.  I hear it works wonders.

Richard Butler said...

My guess is the target demographic of MTV these days is the 15 - 20 year old who don't traditionally vote. IOW, Obama has no use for most of them. Kind of like his treatment of traditional Black and Jewish voters. I can't wait to see him join the millions of unemployed Americans in 2013.

I mean no disrespect to those millions who ARE looking for work of course.

John Scotus said...

Should he be upset or proud that the Snookie generation can't relate to him?

Sean the Maggot said...

A good chunk of the demographic MTV caters to is in the Armed Forces.  I doubt that MTV wants to alienate this group.

Other than that, many of the younger crowd hates "phonies".  Authenticity, being "real", or "down", is huge with them.  Like you have to be a true emo to hang out with the emo kids, same with being a juggalo. 

BTW, don't google "juggalo".  I know y'all might try...don't, I suffer the mental anguish so you don't have to.

Sean the Maggot said...

The crowd that followed "Snookie" is just barely on this side of humanity.  If he lost that, he lost quite a bit.

BTW, ain't Snookie's 15 minutes up yet?