Thursday, September 29, 2011

Perdue Flailing: 'My Point Was One of Sarcasm'

First it was a joke. Then it was hyperbole. Now it's sarcasm.

Actually, she was dead serious, but facing the end of her political career she'll say just about anything now.
Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue has long had a reputation for shoot-from-the-hip remarks that leave her audiences shaking their heads, part of her folksy, I'm-just-a -coal-miner's-daughter persona.

But none of her previous comments hit a political nerve like her startling suggestion this week that Congress suspend its elections next year to concentrate on fixing the economy.

In the connected digital age, her remarks - made in response to an audience question at the Cary Rotary Club and reported online by The News & Observer - leaped across the Internet and were soon the subject of a provocative headline on the Drudge Report, scathing commentary by Rush Limbaugh, and dark warnings in the blogosphere by the conspiratorial minded of the coming of a "Banana Republic."

On Wednesday, Perdue continued to try to walk back her comments, which her staff initially described on Tuesday as hyperbole.

"My point was one of sarcasm," Perdue told reporters in Thomasville. "We really just need to encourage our leaders who are elected to work together and solve America's problems."

She added: "It was taken out of context from my perspective. But honest to goodness, who would think something like that would be said seriously. It's ridiculous to have this kind of discussion about it."

But Republicans and other critics were not going to let her off the hook so easily.

"In light of Gov. Perdue's support for suspending Congressional elections, I want to state clearly, on the record, that I do NOT support suspending our next gubernatorial election," said Republican Senate leader Phil Berger.

"The next time they tell you how stupid Sarah Palin is or Michele Bachmann, just think back to this day and North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue," said Limbaugh, the conservative talk show host.
Don't you just love when these Democrats claim their own words were taken out of context. Surely Republicans would be given the benefit of the doubt if they said something so insane, right?


Anonymous said...

Surprised someone hasn't started a recall on her?

bitterclinger said...

What a coinkydink that former Ozero budget director Peter Orszag came out around the same time saying we have "too much democracy" and that it would be easier if we let "our betters" take charge and get on with things!  These weren't mistakes.  They were libtard trial balloons that couldn't get off the ground because they were filled with lead.

James Hlavac said...

Well, besides her bit of scary lunacy, with which I'm appalled and think -- yep she's got to go -- it is this "who cares what people want? We're going to run things for you" attitude liberals have that's so crazy.

Still, you wonder about insanity on the Republican side -- well, you should go hear what State senators Phil Stam and James Forester are saying about gay folks in order to push a constitutional amendment against gay anything -- "gays die younger" "gays should leave North Carolina, we don't want you here," "evil" "sick" "filthy" "attacking family" "destroying civilization" and on and on with other such fine points of utter delusion about hairdressers and the flight attendants at Charlotte International -- and I give them every benefit of the doubt that they are quite serious, alas. So you see, there's quite a lot of scary lunacy on both sides. And incivilty too, for I dare saying calling some citizens "evil" for whom they smooch and trying to rile up our own families against us is a bit uncivil, don't you think?

Rose said...

Ah, the counterpart of Rudi Guiliani, who was willing to set aside NYC elections AFTER THEY TOOK PLACE, so he could continue being "America's" Mayor of NYC after his final LEGAL term of office EXPIRED.

John Scotus said...

All you have to do is listen to the tape. In context, she is advocating getting rid of elections. Her oath of office should include defending and upholding the Constitution of the US/NC. If she cannot do this, then by what right should she serve as governor?