Saturday, September 24, 2011

'Joe McCarthy Would Have Been Proud'

We haven't even gotten any answers to Obama's Solyndra scandal, yet a New York Times columnist is already invoking Joe McCarthy.

Good grief.
Harrison and Stover are on the hot seat. Anything they say in their defense — even an off-hand remark — can and will be used against them. Their lawyers would be fools if they didn’t insist that their clients take the Fifth Amendment.

Do the Republicans know this? Of course. Do they care? Of course not. For an hour and a half on Friday morning, they peppered the two men with questions about this “taxpayer ripoff,” as Representative Fred Upton, a Michigan Republican, described it, knowing full well that Harrison and Stover would invoke their constitutional right to remain silent. Joe McCarthy would have been proud.

The purpose of the hearing — indeed, the point of manufacturing a Solyndra investigation in the first place — is to embarrass the president. That’s how Washington works in the modern age: the party out of power gins up phony scandals aimed at hurting the party in power.

Undoubtedly, the Solyndra “scandal” will draw a little blood: there are some embarrassing e-mails showing the White House pushing to get the deal done quickly so it could tout Solyndra’s green jobs as part of the stimulus package.
Cute how he has quotation marks around the word scandal, isn't it?


The comments are a hoot. Here's a typical example:
Typical idiocy from the Republicans. Truth is the Republicans today are little more than a party run by deluded, bitter southerners who want to re-litigate the civil war. Add a black man as President and it is just too much.

I am not sure who is worse, this tea party bunch wing of this party, or the rest of the Republicans who stick with them so they can (they imagine) keep a few more dollars in their pockets. This even though their country clubs and businesses are all going bankrupt.
Speaking of country clubs, Bill Clinton today joined Barack Obama on the links. Glad to see his dismal poll ratings don't have him worried.


Richard Butler said...

<span>Joe McCarthy again (rich b sighs and shakes his head) - If the dems didn't have Joe McCarthy's name to toss around they'd probably be calling people Hitler or Nazis. It's called group-think.  </span>

Ooops, too late.

FrankG said...

has Walter Duranty returned his Pulitzer yet?

daveinboca said...

I remember back when one WH Press staffer claimed that Billy Jeff, the chronic serial liar, had "broken 80" on a round he played back in the '90s.   Not counting mulligans, gimme putts from less than 15 feet, and improving his own "lie," pun fully intended!!!

I'll bet these two scammers are playing Demonrat golf, a game where you count every other stroke and omit the ones your opponent wasn't able to eyeball.

Richard Butler said...

<span>Yeah it's just like me - I quit golfing years ago because of frustration and the fact my game just plain sucked. I couldn't drive consistantly or play from the grass. I never came close to breaking one-hundred but you should have seen all the hole-in-ones. <sarc>  
Golfers and Fisherman - the World's biggest liars.</sarc></span>

Good to see you're posting Dave. I haven't read much from you lately.

eddiebear said...

Those comments, were they real NYT ones, or just somebody cutting & pasting Charles Johnson;s lasting cheetoh-induced ramblings?

fiatlux said...

The scribbler is their "business" guy. He is among the more "business-oriented" of their stable of pundits. He is the type of guy that the operators of their business paln rely on.

No wonder the NYT basically belongs to a Mexican industrialist at this point