Friday, September 23, 2011

Axelrod Denies Knowing Obama: 'I Don’t Know Anybody Associated With Solyndra'

The best and brightest are suffering from some major memory loss.
Another top aide to President Obama is in Chicago talking about the bankruptcy of the solar power company Solyndra that got a big federal loan guarantee.

David Axelrod – Obama’s former senior adviser at the White House who is now back in Chicago running the president’s re-election campaign – is no joining former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in denying any knowledge of the Solyndra deal.

“I don’t know anybody associated with Solyndra and I know nothing about the project,” Axelrod said.

"How seriously has it hurt the president," Cameron asked.

“Now look, we have seeded clean energy technology projects all over this country. Many of them are very promising. Many of them are already showing success. And the fact is, when you invest in a large number of projects, some of them are not going to perform as they should. This was one of those cases,” Axelrod said.

But Republicans say it wasn’t necessary to put taxpayers on the hook for a half-billion dollar loan guarantee to meet that goal.

Last week Mayor Rahm Emanuel denied any knowledge of a developing scandal in Washington that dates back to his days as President Barack Obama’s chief of staff.

Emanuel was the chief of staff during the Obama administrations's green energy initiative when the loan was rushed through.

During a Chinatown news conference Friday, in which he was discussing his new wellness program, WLS Radio asked the mayor about his involvement with the Solyndra deal.

“Bill, ya know, I’m focusing on a major announcement today for the city of Chicago,” Emanuel tells Bill Cameron, “I don’t actually remember that or know about it. So, what I’m dealing is with what I’m dealing with here today.”
So Axelrod is also denying he knows George Kaiser?
George Kaiser’s four White House visits during the week before Solyndra secured its $535 million loan guarantee — and his $53,500 in donations to the president’s 2008 presidential campaign – have drawn scrutiny from critics questioning whether the Obama administration engaged in political favoritism. Now Kaiser’s philanthropic gift to one of Michelle Obama’s public health projects is another indication of what may amount to a White House fully engaged in crony capitalism.

“This tax document clearly shows that George Kaiser greased the wheels to gain favor with the Obama Administration for the purpose of receiving a half-billion dollar taxpayer-funded loan for Solyndra,” Citizens United president David Bossie told The Daily Caller. “It is evident that this was a pay-to-play scheme that reaches all the way up to the highest levels of the White House.”


Rick said...

So it looks like everyone in the administration is willing to see Obama take the fall on this one.  Or Biden.  That's what I call working as a team.

Richard Butler said...

<span>"So it looks like everyone in the administration is willing to see Obama take the fall on this one."</span>

If it will help get Omama's ass back to "community organizing" and out of the business of destroying the USA I can live with that. We can deal with the rest of these crooks and shit-stains later.

Richard Butler said...

Axelrod Denies Knowing Obama: 'I Don’t Know Anybody Associated With Solyndra'

Doesn't Axlegrease sort of sound like Bill Clinton when he said "I did not have sex with that woman"

Lie and deny - it's all in the democrapic playbook.