Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Former Afghan President Killed by Turban Bomb

Remember all the rage from Muslims when this cartoon was published? Well, it sure looks prescient now, doesn't it?
A suicide bomber fitted with an exploding turban killed the former Afghan president -- who the US hoped would negotiate peace with the Taliban.

Burhanuddin Rabbani was killed yesterday at his home in the heavily guarded diplomatic enclave near the US embassy in Kabul, Afghan officials said.

Rabbani was to meet with what he believed were two Taliban commanders bringing messages from the insurgents.

Rabbani’s associates allowed them into his home, insisting they did not have to be fully searched.

One of the men, who claimed to be a senior Taliban official, shook Rabbani’s hand and bowed as a sign of respect.

“Then his turban exploded,” said Fazel Karim Aimaq, a former lawmaker and friend of Rabbani.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility.

Rabbani, who served as Afghan president from 1992 until he was ousted by the Taliban in 1996, was the head of the Afghanistan High Peace Council.
Our own Secretary of State says talks with the Taliban are necessary.

Let's just hope they're checking out turbans beforehand.

Update: Swedish cartoonist a target of foiled attack.

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