Saturday, September 17, 2011

'Obama's Social Media-Savvy Campaign Strategy'

Apparently the New York Daily News hasn't heard about the Attack Watch fiasco.
Barack Obama's approval ratings may be down, but the President has one thing on the rise: his Twitter followers.

The commander-in-chief reached the 10 million follower mark on Friday, making him the third most followed Twitter user behind Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, as first reported by Politico.

Obama has two accounts – the official White House one and another run by his 2012 campaign staff. The latter is the one that reached the follower milestone.

By Saturday morning, it had reached 10,098,373 followers.

The number of followers, while impressive, is right in line with Obama's social media-savvy campaign strategy.

And it seems like they are embracing their Twitter success.

The campaign announced on Friday that it was selling t-shirts that said "#Progress" – a call out to a popular Twitter hashtag used to support the President.
Anyone using Twitter the past five days has noticed one thing: Merciless ridicule of Obama and Attack Watch. To insult people and claim Obama is some social media-savvy wizard is ridiculous.

Remember when this guy was introduced as a media-savvy wizard? We haven't heard much from him lately.


Richard Butler said...

It's pretty pathetic that one of the few things Omama's people have to brag about their Twitter success. There are cartoon characters and recipe sites that have as many followers as Omama. I guess when it's all you have you gotta go with it. They sure as hell can't crow about their lame-ass leadership skills. It's getting to be embarassing watching these amatuers in action.

Zilla/MJ said...

The New York Daily news rendered itself damned unreadable leading up to the 2008 elections and I have been reading the NY Post ever since (they of course are left biased also, but not nearly as bad as their competition). I'll give the Daily news one thing, they DID cover the story when my idiot commie pinko rat bastard former Congressman John Hall publicly slandered me and the little political information page that I run at facebook, (which of course forced my hand and left me no choice but to expose John Hall for the corrupt leftist hack that he is which led to his losing his bid for re-election), but even then I only read about it online where it's free. I still like to read print newspapers, but I haven't bought a NY Daily News going on three years now because they are largely clueless and so far in the tank for Captain WTF that I don't know how they can even breathe.
What are those shill papers like the Daily News and New York Slimes going to do when Zero is finally out of office?

Richard Butler said...

<span>"What are those shill papers like the Daily News and New York Slimes going to do when Zero is finally out of office?"</span>

My guess is they'll merge with Al-Jeezera and relocate to the Middle East where they belong. These progessive fish wrappers sure as hell don't speak for the average American any longer. And the worst part is they don't give a shit. Ideology has blinded them for so long they no longer care. I do hope they realize that huge numbers of Arabs are illiterate and won't be able to read their shit anyway. Either way their long downhill slide will continue. Good riddance.