Friday, September 30, 2011

Bernie Marcus: Obama WH is 'Amateurs Surrounded by Amateurs'

Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus whacked the hapless Barack Obama a couple months back when he he assessed Obama's business acumen, saying "I'm not sure Obama would understand anything that I'd say" as he lamented the woeful state of the economy.

Marcus steps up to the plate again, saying the Obama White is populated with "amateurs surrounded by amateurs."

The Georgian who every Republican presidential candidate wants in his camp still hasn’t decided who he’s going to back. But although Bernie Marcus believes in abortion and gun control, he knows who he won’t support: Barack Obama.

In an interview at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation meeting here, the billionaire philanthropist and Home Depot co-founder lambasted the “amateurs in the White House” as “amateurs surrounded by amateurs.”

But he would not pick sides in the fight for the Republican nomination.
Marcus is far from a doctrinaire conservative, but is wise enough to put social issues aside.
Yet he’s willing to embrace candidates with diametrically opposite social views if they agree with him on economics. He said the next president needs to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits while holding the line on defense spending.

“I’m not an arch [conservative] kind of guy, but people like myself want to see someone in Washington who understands that if the country is not strong economically, we can’t be strong period,” he said.


TeaPartyatPerrysburg said...

Where the heck were all these people when that stupid Obamacare was being passed? Where were they then? Now it's SO late to do anything about it and they've all crept out of the cave suddenly.

James Hlavac said...

You know my friends, I can perfectly well understand why gay folks don't figure in this bigger picture -- which which I agree with you wholeheartedly -- we few are just not that important -- but isn't it not time to say "hey, let's push the gay thing off to a national commission, and talk those people; and find out what they want?" But nooooo, the current Republican morass is out to get me, and I'm not paranoid, they state it daily almost -- stop picking on us sissies and get to the real problems. Hell, more than me and my "Sissies for Sarah" might vote for you -- we are not one issue voters; but we cannot vote for our continued comdenmantion, and possible incarceration. That's not ration. You can tell these candidates to stop this nonsense. Thanks.

Richard Butler said...

Obamacare? I feel the bigger question is; why didn't these influential people speak up when Omama was running for president? We sure as hell didn't hear from the Lame Stream Media since they were damn near completely in the tank for the idiot in the White House. Now we're stuck with his incompetent ass and it's not even a sure thing we can get rid of him in 2012. Why didn't they say anything then? I think we all know. They were all cowered into a corner by the dems and the far-left with the threat of being labeled racists. Well I'm not a racist and I want this president GONE. Now is the time for all thinking Americans to speak up and help get rid of Omama.