Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Obama Finds New and Creative Ways to Embarrass America

See if you can spot the idiot waving during the gathering of world leaders at the UN.

Hey, look at me!

Thanks to Zombie for the tip. Love this comment there:
Maybe the photographer asked the group "Who wants to see Obama re-elected?"


Dell said...

If "W" pulled this stupid stunt it would be an eight column, above the fold photo spread in every newpaper in the country.  Seeing as how it's the nation's famous Cluster***K, it will get a pass.

OxyCon said...

Urkel Obama

Richard Butler said...

<span>With each passing day he finds a new and interesting way to make an ass out of himself. How old is this fucker, er, I guess I should say man. </span>

<span>I wonder if he'd fart in Church just to get attention.

Coquimbojoe said...

Ah, ahhh, ahhhh, douche!  Sorry, my allergies are acting up....