Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Obama Ambassador Accuses GOP of 'Playing Politics' With Israel

This would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.
United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice on Wednesday accused GOP presidential candidates of “playing politics” with Israel.

Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Perry both suggested this week that the U.S. should threaten to withhold aid from the Palestinian Authority over its expected United Nations request for statehood.

“I think Gov. Perry ought to really consider the real-world implications of that for Israel. Because the security assistance that the United States provides the Palestinian Authority benefits Israel directly and Israelis are well aware of that,” Rice said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”
Apparently only Obama is allowed to play politics over Israel.
Mayor Ed Koch, his longtime aide George Arzt confirmed, received an unexpected invitation to a gathering of dignitaries the American President typically hosts during his New York visit. This is far from a private audience, but it does seem to be the beginning of a courtship of the former New York Mayor who emerged as a real thorn in Democrats' side this summer. Koch had not, Arzt said, been invited to the event in Obama's first two years, and the invitation is hardly a reward for loyalty.
For people who claim they have such a great relationship with Israel they sure have to remind us enough.

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