Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'There Is Not a Person on Wall Street, With the Exception of the Genetic Democrats, Who Would Get Anywhere Near Supporting Obama'

Let's see. He's losing blacks, Jews, Latinos and now his fat-cat buddies on Wall Street.

Is there anyone left support this miserable failure in the White House?
JP Morgan honcho Jamie Dimon, once a “fat cat” ally of President Obama, seems to have strayed to Republican contender Mitt Romney.

Dimon, a lifelong Democrat who was rumored to be on Obama’s short list for treasury secretary before he settled on Tim Geithner, met privately with Romney on Tuesday morning before a fund-raiser at Brasserie 8¹/2 hosted by Highbridge Capital, a JPMorgan-owned hedge fund.

Dimon, who was spotted “in a discreet one-on-one” discussion with Romney, cannot publicly endorse a candidate because he sits on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. But he donated to Democratic candidates in 2008 and privately supported Obama.

While Dimon’s spokesperson declined to comment, a JP Morgan insider tells us that Dimon has not attended an Obama fund-raiser and has not made any contributions to his campaign during this election cycle. And Dimon has met privately with many of the Republican presidential candidates.

Political insiders are buzzing that a defection would signal further Wall Street hostility toward Obama, who famously called them “fat cat” bankers in 2009. Dimon responded, “I don’t think the president of the United States should paint everyone with the same brush.”

One insider said, “There is not a person on Wall Street, with the exception of the genetic Democrats, who would get anywhere near supporting Obama. The hostility to the administration is huge. Dimon will continue to look bipartisan, then work behind the scenes to get a Republican elected.”
This could be a reason why those smelly moonbats have been out on the streets of New York whining about Wall Street and taking their marching orders from Obama's union bosses.

They could be all Obama has left: Filthy, ignorant know-nothings who mindlessly chant slogans and spent most of their time stoned out of their minds.

Speaking of which, some of them are so out of it they don't even recognize a limousine liberal when they see one.
The Wall Street demonstrators might want to brush up on their history: Some didn't recognize protest veteran Susan Sarandon when she showed up to support them Tuesday.

"Who is she?" some of the young agitators asked each other as the Oscar-winning actress gave their cause a little star power.

"I'm just here to be educated," the "Bull Durham" star told reporters and protesters in Zuccotti Park.

Sarandon, 64, stopped by the Occupy Wall Street encampment on her way to catch a flight to Italy and was peppered with questions about climate change and the economy.
How dumb can these people be? What on earth would Sarandon know about the economy of so-called climate change? The parents of these idiots must be so proud.


Bob said...

Don't get cocky, kid.  When push comes to shove on Election Day, the Blacks will vote for him, the Jews will vote for him, the unions will vote for him, all the usual suspects will vote for him.  It will be just a matter of how the independents break, and GOTV by the Dems.

James Hlavac said...

Well, he might be polling lower with Jews, Blacks and Latinos, and it might be true, as Bob here says, that many of them might still vote for him; they might also sit home, too -- time will tell.

One group that was reliably Obamafied was, of course, the gays, and no one polls us, so who knows right? Well, from what I see across the gay blogs and with friends is a great anger and disappointment at him; and a rising tide of "don't donate, don't vote." And quite a few joining me in the "Sissies for Sarah" tea party brigades (it's a tough argument to make; I try.) Sure, there's not a lot of us, just oh, 10,000,000 or so (don't let any ol' census report fool you, far more than anyone thinks, but here's not the place,) but hey, we do tend to vote, and are concentrated in some key places.