Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MA Democrats Revolt Against Obama: 'Scott Brown’s Last Opponent Was the Hand-Picked Person, Too'

Selected, not elected

Looks like some Democrats in Massachusetts aren't to thrilled to see the White House anointing shrieking Marxist Elizabeth Warren as the Senate candidate to face Scott Brown next year. Judging from recent experience they know they've probably got a loser on their hands, especially since Obama's people are trying to portray this out-of-touch Harvard elitist as some sort of middle-class warrior.
Consummate Beltway insider and Obama mastermind David Axelrod yesterday all but crowned Elizabeth Warren the U.S. Senate Democratic nominee nearly a year before Massachusetts voters get to decide for themselves — prompting howls of protest from fellow Senate contenders who told the White House to butt out of Bay State politics.

“This is what’s wrong with Washington,” said City Year co-founder Alan Khazei’s spokesman Scott Ferson. “For hundreds of years, Massachusetts has been publicly electing its state senators and doing a pretty good job.”

Senate hopeful and Somerville activist Bob Massie called Axelrod’s plug of Warren — a Harvard Law professor and former Obama administration official — part of what he characterized as a brazen White House move to bypass local voters.

“We have seen a carefully orchestrated and extremely powerful campaign to draw attention to Warren,” Massie said. “It’s very disappointing when national Democratic leaders choose to foreshorten a democratic process in any state.”
Don't you just love Democrat civil wars? What's most amusing is the Democrats have to defend 23 Senate seats next year and the GOP will probably win a dozen of them. The GOP has very few vulnerable seats, including Brown's, but they'll probably piss it away trying to select, not elect, this nutjob Warren.
Political observers said the Beltway boost could backfire on Elizabeth Warren and alienate Bay State voters, who rocked the political establishment last year when they brushed aside Attorney General Martha Coakley in favor of GOP longshot Scott Brown, embracing his slogan that the seat long-held by the Kennedy clan is actually “the people’s seat.”

“Scott Brown’s last opponent was the hand-picked person, too. She seemed to be the anointed one, and she didn’t win,” said Richard Benedetto, a political communications professor at American University. “It’s classic White House strong-arming, and it doesn’t sit well with voters when someone from Washington comes in and says, ‘This is the woman we want.’ ”

Axelrod’s glowing endorsement also plays into GOP attempts to portray Warren as a candidate who feels entitled to the nomination, said George Serra, a Bridgewater State University political professor.

“That feeling of aloofness and elitism is very much a part of the persona that people perceive in Elizabeth Warren,” Serra said. “She may want to sell herself as a middle class person, but that’s a tough sell.”
Brown is the most popular politician in the state and has widespread middle-class appeal. Facing off against this screeching banshee he may win in a landslide. That's what has the local Democrats justifiably in fear. Warren can't even name a member of the Red Sox, for crying out loud. How can she possibly expect blue-collar types to relate?


jeaneeinabottle said...

Thank God people are wising up, anything even close to Obama is a loser because he's a loser and all in this ESTABLISHMENT administration!!!  We need new candidates to flush this system out!!

Rick said...

She looks like she's going to smash someone's hand with a ruler.