Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tough Guy Obama 'Will Leave Quarts of Blood on the Floor in the Coming Months to Defend His Office'

The Hill fanboy Sam Youngman puts his cheerleader bloomers back on and gets his pom-poms out again today to pen another Tiger Beat mashnote to his hero. As if we needed another cheesy story of Obama's playground basketball prowess and how mentally tough he is.

Indeed, here he is, a hardened streetfighter who rides a girl's bike with a helmet on. But prepare for carnage and blood-letting or something.
So yeah, the president’s reelection hopes are in big trouble, but don’t discount him for a minute. For all the lofty, soaring rhetoric of 2008, Obama is first and foremost a rough-and-tumble politician who has no intention of conceding 2012.

After all, Obama is the man who upended the Democratic establishment, outlasting and outmaneuvering the Clinton political machine.

He’s the same guy who scoffed at Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) decision to suspend his campaign when economy collapsed in 2008 and then went on to a landslide victory.

And he’s the same guy who will leave quarts of blood on the floor in the coming months to defend his office.

Obama likes to get into people’s heads. It might be a coincidence that Obama called Texas Gov. Rick Perry about the wildfires in the Lone Star State just hours before Perry was participating in his first debate. And it might not.

On the golf course, on the basketball court and even in the Cabinet Room, the president has shown repeatedly that he is a mindfreak, to use a term from the basketball courts.

Obama has already used his office and the current economic environment to set the tone and shape of the 2012 debate, and he thinks he has found a way to win back his base after years of abuse.

Standing in the Rose Garden on Monday, Obama was clearly back in fighting shape. He threatened vetoes and launched a class war he knew he was starting, despite his denials.
Years of abuse from whom, exactly? The right, definitely, the left, not so much. The media? Uh, hardly, especially when you read drivel like this.
And there are no illusions within the building about the kind of campaign 2012 will be. Officials often say that the race will start out at 50-50, and they acknowledge there will be carnage.
Carnage? Really? Gee, what happened to Hope?

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Richard Butler said...

"Quarts of blood"

That sounds like something another Hussein once said - remember "rivers of blood" and "the mother of all battles" coming from Saddam Hussein when Bush the Elder invaded Kuwait. Maybe these two fools (the Husseins) are related after all.