Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Criminal Charges Expected in Investigation of NC Governor's Campaign Expenses

Maybe North Carolina's Democrat Governor Beverly Perdue should suspend her re-election efforts while her campaign is under criminal investigation.
Last week, Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby let it be known that more criminal charges are expected in the investigation of Gov. Beverly Perdue’s campaign finances.

Willoughby’s comments to WRAL-TV confirmed that the investigation into unreported airplane flights by the Perdue campaign is continuing.

But the prosecutor added that he has seen nothing that implicates Perdue.

Willoughby has been reviewing information collected by the State Bureau of Investigation into Perdue campaign finances after an initial investigation by the State Board of Elections found dozens of unreported campaign flights.

The elections board review led to a $30,000 fine against the Perdue campaign. The governor admitted mistakes, but said none were intentional.

Still, a Perdue contributor, Robert Lee Caldwell of Morganton, was indicted in February on obstruction of justice charges. The indictment alleges that Caldwell paid for a plane to fly Perdue to a campaign stop, had someone else report paying for it, and then reimbursed the man with cash.

Again, no evidence shows that Perdue knew anything about it, and Caldwell is one donor out of thousands.

Willoughby’s words, though, mean that the investigation will likely be creeping closer to Perdue. He isn’t providing any hints about who might be charged, but political insiders believe that someone on the inside of the campaign could be the target.

If so, the political damage to Perdue won’t be inconsequential, even if she had no knowledge of events.

No politician can hope to control eager, sycophantic donors, especially when courts increasingly give a green light to all kinds of questionable political giving; controlling your campaign staff is another matter.

The obvious question that arises: What do these events portend for the 2012 election?

Perdue, who has certainly been aware that the campaign flight investigation wasn’t over, has given no indication that she won’t run for a second term.

She’s raising money. She’s been a visible, hands-on, active governor. Even if her poll numbers and public persona aren’t sparkling, she thrives in small gatherings with average folks and jetsetters.
Yes, she thrives by saying really stupid things, even though her media enablers want to pretend she was just joking.


Jim OBrien said...

The Democrats are always putting forward these people who claim to be reasonable moderate/consevative dems that turn out to be off the wall socialists with corrupt inclinations.  No wonder the dem party is on its way out.

Lady Liberty said...

The woman has been a menace since day 1. She and Easley are cut from the same cloth and her Elvis-like infatuation with 'The One' has permeated her reign in NC in about every conceivable way.

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Dave said...

Her inclinations were no less clear than Obama's, there is always money out there for more poorly managed social programs.