Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Milking It Dry: Obama Mascot and Tax Cheat Warren Buffett to Appear at Obama Fundraisers

Maybe while he's there he can bring an oversized novelty check for all the back taxes he owes. Is it just me or are you sick of Warren Buffett already?
Billionaire investment guru Warren Buffett is will help fundraise [sic] for President Obama's reelection campaign at two fundraising events in Chicago and New York respectively.

According to Crain's Chicago Business, Buffett will attend the Oct. 27 Chicago fundraising event alongside a number of major Chicago donors including former Obama campaign national finance chairwoman Penny Pritzker, a longtime Obama supporter and fundraiser, and John Rogers Jr., another early Obama campaign backer.

Buffett will also be featured at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New York in late September.
Obama has spent every free moment this week in New York at lavish fatcat fundraisers, but we're supposed to pretend he's a man of the people or something.


Dell said...

Why doesn't Buffett just get it over with and donate 500 million to his pal in the WH?  It would be just a drop in the old man's bucket and everyone knows he's a Democrat, so why all the fanfare, Warren?

Anonymous said...

2012 Republican commercial:

Barack Obama pals around with billionaires while millions of Americans struggle to pay the bills.

President Obama: wrong policies, wrong priorities.

And I thought Republicans were supposed to be the "party of the rich." Whatever that means...

Doug Fletcher said...

Yeah, I'm sick of him.  I think it was Thomas Wolfe who said there are no second acts in American lives but sometimes the first acts drag on too long.