Friday, September 23, 2011

'I Might Have to Move to Canada'

This could be the best reason to hope Sarah Palin runs for and wins the presidential race. Anything to rid us of this little turd.
“She’s 9 points behind Barack Obama right now. She’s looking good and she’s not even in the race,” said Johnston, who clearly hadn’t seen yesterday’s numbers that had Sarah within 5 points of the prez. “It’s scaring me a bit. I might have to move to Canada. If she’s running, you better believe I’m voting for Obama.”
Even Obama might not be that hard up for somebody's vote.


Tawny Jones said...

Levi Johnston is the same sort of personality as Bill Clinton & Barack Obama: Democrat types.

Eli said...

We don't want the bottom feeder in Canada.  They can goto China for all we care.

Andy Collins said...

He could take Alec Baldwin with him. Wasn't Baldwin going to move out of the US if Bush won in 2000? I guess the lure of that terrible capitalist money-machine trumps principles, huh Alec?