Friday, September 23, 2011

'When You Get to Name Calling That Just Shows That There is No Logic to Your Argument'

Of course nothing will happen to this sniveling little punk because teachers are special and can do whatever they want, apparently.
Tempers flared during a town hall meeting on the Dream Act Tuesday night. During the meeting a high school government teacher from John F. Kennedy called the local Tea Party president a Nazi.

The exchange was recorded and posted on You tube.

"When you get to name calling that just shows that there is no logic to your argument any further. It's all emotion," said George Rodriguez, President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

The teacher's emotion came from a panelist's comment that school administration should deport undocumented students.

"So you would have students in this room deported?" asked the teacher.

The panelist replied, "Yes, I would if they were illegal. You bet."

Rodriguez also told the teacher if the person is here illegally, they are breaking the law.

"You know what I would have? I would have you teach more balanced - conservative," added Rodriguez.

After those remarks is when the teacher made the Nazi comment saying, "You can just say what you are - a Nazi."

Edgewood ISD will not be taking any disciplinary action against the teacher.

"He realized he shouldn't have gone that far, and he gave us a statement and expressed his concern and regret," said district spokesperson Maclovio Perez.
Lords only knows what the kids in his "government" class are being taught.


Richard Butler said...

Nazi - how original.

laZrtx said...

What do you expect from a teacher of a "recognized" non exemplary school district? Union dues.

RickS said...

So, the government teacher basically just said, "everything you're saying is true. I have nothing left. You win." Godwin's law's a bitch.

NeoKong said...

What would happen if one of his students said that to him....?

Richard Butler said...

In my day you'd get a swat with a paddle called a "meat sucker". FYI it's a ping-pong sized paddle with holes drilled in it. I recieved ONE during my school career, and because of my vast learning curve I never got another. Other than a sore keyster it did me no permanent harm or damage.

That was back in 1967 in Junior High School. These days kids and/or their parents will file a lawsuit.

James A said...

What is the college or university this teacher is a graduate? I learned he is 29 and considerably immature for this age. I also note that he participates in many "demonstrations," one may consider him an unthinking activist as well.
I am not sure his students receive a balanced view of government. I rather doubt that is the case given his outburst.
The Edgewood ISD looks as if it employs culls for teachers and administrators.