Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Heartwarming Socialized Medicine Success Story: 'I Think Dogs are Treated Better Than My Mother Was'

This should help do wonders for Labour's chances in the upcoming British elections.
A devastated daughter has accused Gordon Brown of betraying the elderly today after her elderly mother died 'wallowing in filth' in an NHS hospital.

Clara Stokes, 84, who was honoured in 2008 by the Prime Minister for her work as a Land Girl during the Second World War, was left partially paralysed by a massive stroke in December 2009.

Her daughter Elle Chambers, 57, claims her mother's subsequent care at Luton and Dunstable Hospital was 'inhumane' and 'not fit for dogs'.

The case is acutely embarrassing for Labour just days before the general election.

It follows a poll in today's Daily Mail that found that voters no longer believe the NHS is safe in Mr Brown's hands.

The shocked mother-of-two said Mrs Stokes was ignored by overworked nurses who left her dehydrated, hungry and lying in her own faeces for up to six hours.

In a series of sickening pictures taken by Mrs Chambers on the hospital ward, Mrs Stokes can be seen lying helpless and confused in the mess with her foot trapped in the bedstead.

Mrs Chambers and her daughter Michelle Plaford, 37, also found that water had been placed too far away from her bed and no staff had come to help her drink for up to 16 hours.

The pair were so disgusted by conditions they tried to feed other hungry and thirsty patients, only to be told by nursing staff they could not for 'health and safety reasons'.

At one stage the hospital almost ran out of supplies so nurses trawled wards for medication, Mrs Chambers added.
Remember though, the Democrats have told us that care will never be rationed. You believe them, right?
A temporary nurse misread Mrs Stokes' notes and forced uncrushed tablets down her throat, almost causing her to choke to death.

Doctors and nurses who misplaced health notes even thought Mrs Stokes was a man for the first two days, after she was admitted on December 16.

Outraged at her treatment, Mrs Stokes's family removed her from the hospital in Luton.

She died in a nursing home just days later on February 28.

Mrs Chambers wrote to Gordon Brown following the death to complain of the 'negligence', and was told by No.10 the matter had been passed to the Department of Health.
A death panel would have actually shown more compassion.
Mrs Stokes, a retired hairdresser, was left paralysed down the left side of her body by the stroke and unable to speak.

The only time they didn't go and visit Mrs Stokes was when her ward was in isolation following a stomach bug outbreak and visiting hours were restricted.

But when they were finally allowed into the ward, they were left stunned by the conditions Mrs Stokes had been left in.

She added: 'We finally walked in and my daughter said what is that under her arm? We lifted it up and she was covered in her own diarrhoea.

'She was paralysed and couldn't call for help. This was after 3pm in the afternoon and the last time she had been checked was at 9am.'

Just 24 hours later the family found a stricken Mrs Stokes' foot trapped between bed posts caused by a faulty bed pump.

It was not known how long she was trapped and had to be freed by the matron.

Mrs Chambers added: 'I think dogs are treated better than my mother was. She was left in a pond of her own filth. Worse than an animal.
Once the joys of ObamaCare kick in we may see a massive spike in assisted suicides if this is any indication what we're in for.

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