Friday, April 30, 2010

Hmm: The Return of Vera Baker Rumors

Probably nothing, but it's causing some buzz in Europe. We mentioned this back in 2008 but the story was squashed pretty quickly.

Via a Swiss newspaper, apparently.
Le Matin, the Swiss newspaper has revived its older claims that Obama was involved with Vera Baker. The newspaper has claimed the existence of such video surveillance tapes that show President Barack Obama in a compromising condition with young Vera Baker. The newspaper goes further in its claims by adding that software engineers have succeeded in digging up email interaction between Obama and Vera Baker, since Obama’s presidency.
There could be clear video evidence and it wouldn't matter. Republicans would get the blame or something.

Anyone know French?

Update: Uh oh, the National Enquirer is on the trail. Remember, everyone scoffed when they busted John Edwards and it wound up being true.

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