Thursday, April 22, 2010

Obama Endorses Famed Geologist

Obama sure knows how to pick a winner. Those endorsements of Jon Corzine, Creigh Deeds and Martha Coakley really worked wonders. Now he's stepped into a Democratic primary in Georgia to endorse this drooling moron, who should probably begin packing up things in his office.
The ever-courteous Hank Johnson has given those Democrats who want his DeKalb County seat in Congress a long weekend to think things over, plus this press release:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama announced Thursday his endorsement of Congressman Hank Johnson, who represents Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District.

“Congressman Johnson has done an outstanding job,” said President Obama. “Together, we are fighting to renew our economy. Together, we passed historic health care reform. I am proud to stand with Hank and support his re-election.”

Qualifying begins on Monday.

Obama’s endorsement is, in fact, a license to print photos of Johnson and the president – real ones, no digital retouching necessary — in whatever fashion that pleases the congressman.

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