Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hang Tough Arizona. The Liberals Will Move On

I have been watching the whole kerfuffle, expressions of angst, and liberal hand wringing over the recent legislation signed into law in Arizona granting their law enforcement wider authority to determine the immigration status of people they detain. Everybody knew what the reaction of those cry babies on the left would be, but what amused me the most is that Arizona is simply doing on a statewide level what a couple of counties in Georgia have been doing for some time to good effect.

For all of the screaming about jack booted thugs dragging people out of homes in the dead of night, to the best of my knowledge not a single case in Georgia has risen to this level. In other words, Americans need to put a little confidence in their fellow Americans to not abuse the power they are given.

If the only effect of the law is to relocate the illegals from Arizona to the neighboring states it will relieve the taxpayers of Arizona of big burden and then we will see how long it takes for the other states to take action. That has been the experience in Georgia. Cobb county was the first to take the tough stance and it wasn't long before the neighboring county of Gwinnett followed suit. Arguably two areas of the metro Atlanta area viewed as conservative, and now that the financially crippled and non functioning liberal counties of Dekalb and Clayton have absorbed the fugitives from the law, and refuse to do anything, they are suffering the expected consequences.

Metro Atlanta is the story of two sides, and makes a great lab for viewing the effects of conservative versus liberal policies. On the one side is schools which are the envy of the state, with local governments, which while not immune from the recent economic downturn, are weathering the storm as best as can be expected, while on the other side are counties which have school systems losing accreditation, the highest foreclosure rates in the state, and in some cases the nation, higher then average unemployment, and crime rates which make the people living there virtual prisoners in their own homes.

So kudos to Arizona for taking the steps necessary to look out for it's citizens and please don't buckle. LIberal outrage burns hot but their attention span is that of gnat. Weather the initial firestorm and soon they will be on to something else to vent their rage on. No doubt the latest posting from Sarah Palin on Facebook or Karl Rove book signing.

Now if Georgia could just make statewide what they are doing in a few counties we might be able to take the lead for a change instead of waiting to see how the wind blows and then jumping on a bandwagon.

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