Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Victim of a Deadbeat Democrat

Maybe she can dial up Uncle Bill. I hear he's got a couple of bucks stashed away.
Bill and Hillary Clinton's niece, Macy Clinton, 18, is so poor that she's on food stamps, she told "Inside Edition." The daughter of the ex-president's younger brother Roger told the show her father abandoned her. "He wasn't there for prom, middle school or high school. It was very depressing," the Cooksville. Tenn., teen said. The ultimate betrayal was the $20,000 trust fund he promised her: "My father told me that he would have a trust fund ready for me when ever I turned 18 for college, and I don't have any of that money."
He probably snorted it.

Well, at least she's got food stamps to get by on.
"It's hard, because I'm a Clinton, too, but I have to be on food stamps, and I have to sacrifice everything just to make it day by day," Macy Clinton told "Inside Edition" in an interview that aired Tuesday.

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