Friday, April 30, 2010

Nazi-like Apartheid State of Illinois Rounds Up Illegals

Why, this is just un-American, fascistic and eerily reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
Transnational street gang members were the target of a series of arrests this week in the Chicago area, federal officials announced today.

Of the 28 gang members arrested, 27 were in the U.S. without documentation and face deportation, either directly or after facing charges in the United States, according to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office.

Of those arrested, 25 were from Mexico, one from Honduras and one from El Salvador, with one U.S. citizen arrested on an outstanding warrant.

The arrested men were documented gang members, representing at least 10 different gangs, according to the ICE statement.

One of the arrested was a Mexican national previously deported in 2005, who now faces federal charges that upon conviction could result in a 20-year prison sentence. Another man was facing warrants in DuPage County and Kane County, who will face those charges under local jurisdictions, ICE said.

The 25 men now in ICE custody were charged with administrative immigration violations and are pending removal from the United States, according to the ICE statement.
I guess they couldn't show us their papers. They sound like a charming bunch.
All but one of the men were foreign-born -- 25 from Mexico, one from Honduras, and one from El Salvador, the release said. All were gang members or associates affiliated with the Latin Kings, Maniac Latin Disciples, Sureno 13s, Insane Deuces, Norteno 14s, Spanish Cobras, Latin Counts, Spanish Gangster Disciples, Latin Eagles and OMC Street Crew, the release said.

The sole U.S. citizen, Carols Gonzalez, 18, of Elgin, was arrested Sunday on an outstanding warrant for drug possession, the release said.

All but two of the 28 arrested had prior criminal histories, including arrests and convictions for robbery, aggravated battery with a weapon, aggregated battery resulting in bodily harm, aggregated battery on a government official, residential burglary, mob action and domestic battery, the release said.
In no small irony, Thursday pro-illegal "activists" protested Arizona laws ... in Chicago. Looks like more Mexicans were deported this week from Illinois than in Arizona.

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