Friday, April 30, 2010

Legal Immigrants Fed Up With Illegal Immigrants

I wonder if the liberals can make a connection between the high unemployment rate and number of illegal aliens in the workforce? Of course their counter argument is these people are just doing the jobs regular Americans won't.

All of it is hogwash and while identifying and taking action against illegal immigrants is important, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Employers must also be targeted and I have no heartburn with that.

Evidence has come forward about contractors hiring illegal immigrants to do work at the airport expansion in Atlanta. The project is full of graft and corruption anyway because of the way contracts are awarded, but now with the revelation of the hiring of illegals apparently running amuck it is just another black eye.
“Years ago they used to check but now they don’t check anything,” Galloway said. “The federal government puts all these rules on us but when federal and state money gets on a job and they do their own building it seems like they throw their own rule book away.”

The state was made aware of this practice, liberals please sit down, by a Hispanic who was not only in this country legally, but had done all the things necessary to become an American citizen.
Alvarez, the Jobs for Georgia worker who taped the airport conversations, thinks the government should be doing more if it’s serious about enforcing immigration law and protecting legal workers’ jobs. He moved to the United States from Mexico more than 20 years ago, and he said he has watched employers push wages down and force more workers to lose their protections by hiring them as independent contractors. Employment of illegal immigrants exacerbates this practice, he said.

“I’ve been an American citizen for 10 years and before that I was a resident for 10,” Alvarez said. “I went through the process and worked hard to become a citizen and I was paying my taxes from day one.”

You see not everybody from south of the border is exactly in love with illegals taking jobs and dodging taxes either. I think liberals have a word for people like Mr Alvarez.

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