Friday, April 23, 2010

Georgia Attorney General Craps On Citizens Again

Lately in Georgia there has been a battle brewing between our attorney general, Thurbert Baker, and everybody else. This has got to be the only lawyer in America who can't figure out to file a lawsuit. He is also running as a Democrat in the upcoming governors race.

My question for the voters, the legal ones that is, is why would you vote for some schmuck who obviously isn't putting the concerns of its citizens above his seemingly blind allegiance to all things Democrat?

What am I talking about?

Earlier this year the governor directed him to look into filing a lawsuit and joining in with the other states contesting the passage of Obamacare. His response was there was nothing to it and he refused. As a result the state has filed suit but the assistance of some private attorneys who are doing the work pro-bono.

Now he refuses to fight for the citizens of Georgia in regards to their efforts to clean up the voter rolls in the state. This campaign was started by former Secretary of State Karen Handel, who coincidentally is running for governor on the Republican ticket, and the case has been continued by her replacement.

Ever the loyal Democrat once again Baker refuses to push the case, which has been getting kicked around by the courts. One thing to make readers aware of is that Georgia, as in most southern states, has to abide by something called the Voters Rights Act. This legislation was passed in the heyday of the Civil Rights movement and imposes some very draconian measures on southern states in regards to voting. Something the bluenoses in New England have not a clue about. Basically what it does is require southern states to receive federal approval to make any changes to it's voting processes and procedures.

When Karen Handel was the Secretary of State she uncovered real evidence of illegal aliens and others who are not qualified to vote in the state participating in the voting. In order to counter it she started a plan to require photo ID and other verification procedures to ensure the voters were protected. The use of a photo ID has already been approved by the Supreme Court. Of course a liberal judge here and one there has constantly thrown roadblocks up.

I have read and heard on many occasions that a lawyer could indict a ham sandwich, but apparently in Georgia we have an Attorney General who can do nothing but eat ham sandwiches. Thurbert is the personification of the problem with politics in this country today. None of the politicians are looking out for those who elected them, rather their loyalty is to their party first with the citizens somewhere down the list between getting a tax payer funded credit card and figuring out how to upgrade their tax payer transportation to the newest vehicle.

I would hope this last act by Mr Baker would also seal his doom on any aspirations he has to be governor. He shouldn't make it past the primaries, but the citizens of Georgia need to pay close attention to the slate of candidates running for Attorney General and try to elect one who is going to stand for the citizens of Georgia and not their party.

And I don't care which party ticket they run on.

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