Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama's Union Thugs to Tie Up Lower Manhattan

I guess doing this on a weekend won't give these goons maximum exposure, so instead they'll just inconvenience anyone working in Lower Manhattan today. No doubt this is being coordinated directly out of the White House, especially since the guy running the show is one of Obama's economic advisers. Of course the media won't mention any of that.
One day after Republicans agreed to allow debate on financial regulatory reform—and two days after Goldman Sachs executives were pilloried on the Hill—protesters will try to bring their fight to New York this afternoon. In a rally organized by the AFL-CIO and activists, protesters will march on Wall Street itself. They're calling for "Wall Street accountability, the creation of good jobs now, and an end to predatory lending practices."
Who are these "activists" they speak of? Well, have a look at Obama's home page and see for yourself.
Associated Groups: Diversity4Obama, Downtown West Side Manhattan for Obama, Flight Attendants for Obama, Grandparents for Obama, Group Administrators for Obama - Collaboration Group, New York Petition Drive 8th Congressional District, New York Union Members for Obama, NY Seniors for Obama, NYC4Obama (New York Coordination), NYCLabor4obama, Organized Labor for Obama, TriBeCa 4 Obama, Tribeca For Change, Union members for Obama, USA.CAN, Writers for Obama
How many news stories will mention the obvious coordination by the Obama stormtroopers?

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