Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Road Signs Aren't In Chinese

Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James is raising eyebrows with a recent campaign ad he made advocating to administer the driver's license test in English only. Of course the usual suspects throw all common sense out the window and immediately play the race card.

Why are they throwing common sense out the window? How many road signs in America have you seen written in Hangul (Korean), Spanish, German, or any other language? Georgia is debating the same thing and going into the last day of legislative session have a bill pending that says the same thing.

This was brought to a head in Georgia because of a spate of wrong way drivers on our roads that have caused accidents and killed innocent people. In quite a few cases the driver of the offending vehicle it was discovered could not read the signs. You know the ones that say Wrong Way, Do Not Enter. Note to the ACLU, not all of the offenders were of Hispanic heritage. Some were Asian, European, etc.

So yeah, it isn't an attempt to deny anybody the privilege of getting a drivers license. It is an attempt to make sure that those who do get one are not a threat to others on the highway.

When I was taking the test for a drivers license in Germany, granted many years ago, I had to read German so that I knew what the signs said. They didn't make any special distinction just because I was an American. And trust me, the license test in Germany is a lot harder then anything I ever faced in America.

For the lefties out there a license is a privilege, not a right.

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