Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hypocritical Sanctuary Cities Refuse to Take Arizona Illegals: It's Time for Action

You've just got to marvel at the hypocrisy of the liberals. While they've finally found a "war" they're willing to wage--upon fellow Americans, of course--when it comes time to put the money where their big mouths are, suddenly they're unavailable for comment.
They may call themselves "sanctuary cities," but very few of them are offering sanctuary to the illegal immigrants in Arizona who now face possible arrest and deportation.

As San Francisco and other "sanctuary cities" declare war on Arizona over its new law cracking down on illegal immigrants, most state and local governments that provide a safe haven to undocumented workers refused to publicly roll out a welcome mat for the estimated 440,000 illegals in the Grand Canyon state.

Several mid-size cities and states with policies that seek to protect undocumented workers either declined to comment to on whether it would accept Arizona's illegal immigrants or said the possibility had not been considered.
Of course it hadn't been considered since these kneejerk twits didn't stop to think that declaring war comes at a price. Sure, it feels good to flap your gums and call people fascists without having the slightest clue what you're talking about, but when you're in a war you might want to have a battle plan and think about the possibility the other side comes armed.
"We don't have any actions planned," said Jillian Schoene, a spokeswoman for Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski. "If I have a chance to take this up with the governor, I'll call you back."

Schoene didn't call back.
There's a surprise.
Bill Begley, a spokesman for Mayor Mike Moncrief of Fort Worth, Texas, told that he couldn't comment on whether the city, with its population of more than 700,000, would take in any of Arizona's illegal immigrants.

"We'd have to sit down about any overt offer that would address that issue," he said. "That's not something I can talk about off the top of my head."
He's probably quick to call people a Nazi off the top of his head.

Here's the reality: These cities are likely overwhelmed by the burden and costs of paying for all the illegals they idiotically allowed to overrun their cities but are just too stubborn to admit their policies have failed miserably. In other words, liberalism in a nutshell. But since they're the ones who set the policy, let's help them out.

It's time to start the ball rolling by helping Arizona relieve themselves of their illegals and allowing these loudmouths to put up or shut up. Before the law actually begins this summer, how about a program be set up where illegals can come forward and be given temporary amnesty and they can be given a choice of sanctuary cities to relocate to?

(Note: A one-way ticket to their homeland is preferred, but play along.)

Once they select the destination of their choice, they can be provided with a one-way bus ticket to their new home, along with food vouchers (including AriZona Iced Tea, natch) and they're on their way. Surely some enterprising motor coach operators in Arizona would be glad to pitch in and do their civic duty to help provide transit. Once they arrive in San Francisco, surely a host committee will be there to welcome them with open arms and they'll be feted with a party by their new best friends.

Following that they be shown to their new home, a concrete slab somewhere where they'll get to fight it out with the other hundred thousand new arrivals who'll now be at war with all the other bums living on the street that have made San Francisco a hellhole during the disastrous Gavin Newsom administration.

Should San Francisco not be an option, there's always New York City, but remember, subway grates come at a premium up this way and it gets pretty cold half the year (heck, last night it was around 35 degrees--so much for global warming). Not only that, but when you're welcomed by the host committee keep in mind all the meals will be salt-free.

To help out I'm willing to pay the cost of one adult from Phoenix to San Francisco, and have taken the liberty to provide the bus schedule here. The cost for one adult is a mere $124, which I'll gladly pay via my PayPal account (hint to prospective advertisers--time to buy a new ad).

Perhaps if we can pass the word around we can help Arizona solve their illegal alien problem while also allowing the do-gooders to welcome their future residents with open arms, all while minimizing the relocation costs. Maybe get things rolling here and perhaps other can join in and we can get a blogospheric telethon of sorts going. Who knows, maybe some radio hosts can join in an sponsor an Adopt an Illegal For a Day program and make it a nationwide effort to seamlessly relocate all these "victims" of modern-day Hitlerian oppression.

Now relocating the estimated 400,000 Arizona illegals via one-way ticket would cost around $50 million, but we figure San Francisco's Nancy 'Fountain of Youth' Pelosi could sacrifice a month's worth of air travel to help defray the tab in case we can't raise the necessary funding. It's the least she could do to help those brave San Franciscans win this war with a minimum of casualties and bloodshed.

There's also Barack Obama's pal Al Sharpton, who's quite expert at shaking down sponsors for his usual hijinx. Since he's ready to befoul the desert air, maybe he can get some of his usual victims to help with the effort. Perhaps even the Hollywood and music communities can chip in and take in some of the illegals who cannot find ample space on a San Francisco or New York City sidewalk.

C'mon folks, do it for the illegal children.

Update: It looks like the law may already be having an effect.. Damn Nazis!

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