Thursday, April 29, 2010

Noted Domestic Terrorist Afforded Security By Forces He Previously Tried To Kill

The domestic terrorist I am talking about is Obama confidante and frequent house guestn William Ayers, a co-founder of the extremist anti-war group of the 60's named the Weather Underground.

Ayers gave a speech about education at the University of Wyoming yesterday, and it wound up being yet another example of the restraint of the right in comparison to how the jack-booted, immature and, in general, threatening nature of those on the left who constantly protest conservative figures and attempt to deny them their First Amendment rights.

Compare the treatment that Mr. Ayers received to how people such as Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter or members of the Tea Party are treated. The differences couldn't be more stark.
But the event, which included bag and coat searches and bomb-sniffing dogs, was held without any incidents at a campus gym that normally hosts volleyball and wrestling matches.

Ayers co-founded the Weather Underground, an anti-war group from the Vietnam Era that claimed to be responsible for a series of bombings, including nonfatal explosions at the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol.
How ironic is it that Ayers availed himself of the very protection afforded him by agencies which in the 60's he railed against and indeed try to kill by the use of bombs.
The hourlong question session that followed also mainly dealt with education issues, and people began to trickle out of the gym. But to a few questions on his Weather Underground days, Ayers acknowledged that some of its actions were despicable and set a bad example. But he stressed that that was in the context of thousands of people being killed each week in Vietnam.

The reaction to his appearance contrasted with a visit by former Vice President Dick Cheney in September after donating $3.2 million to help build an international center on campus.

Cheney was welcomed by the college administration with open arms, but heckled during his remarks by about 100 protesters in a crowd of about 500.

When Ayers spoke, he had no interruptions from about a dozen protesters among the roughly 1,100 people who showed up.
I am glad that the reporter who penned this piece at least had the courage to include to the treatment that a former Vice President of the United States received in comparison to an avowed Socialist domestic terrorist received.

You know if this sort of thing keeps up Americans might just begin to realize that the voices on the right are the ones which are tempered and even-handed and that they have more to fear from the left who revel in their ability to shut down free speech and engage in strong-arm tactics to silence their critics.

Also, contrary to the author's assertion that none of the attacks were fatal, unless you're a member of the Weather Underground, there were a couple of attacks linked to them that did result in the death of some police officers.

BTW, the picture used in this post is that of the cover of a book that Ayers wrote, which outlined how the Weather Underground was going to ignite a grassroots effort to overthrow the government that includes a foreword in which he describes Barack Obama as a family friend.

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