Friday, April 23, 2010

Durbin and Lugar Spit On Legal Immigrants

Might as well keep the Durbin bashing up. While researching the previous post about Durbin being subpoenaed in the Blagojevich trial I came across a story where he along with REPUBLICAN senator Richard Lugar of Indiana are asking Janet Nimconcoop to grant amnesty to illegal foreign students. What I found odd, besides the obvious, in their requests was the conditions they gave for granting this immunity.
Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin and Indiana Republican Sen. Richard Lugar, who made the request in a letter to Napolitano Wednesday, are pushing a bill that would grant legal status to students who came to the U.S. before the age of 15, have no criminal records, and completed schooling or military service. It would not extend protection to illegal immigrant parents.

Yo, idiots. Illegal immigrants can not serve in the military. A background check is done during the enlistment process to verify citizenship. You must be in the country legally.

You know for a guy who compared our troops to Nazi Stormtroopers and members of the Pol Pot regime he seems to think these are just the qualifications you need now to be granted amnesty. Talk about political expediency.

It is just wrong to grant a special status to people who come to this country illegally while thousands of others try to abide by the rules and wait years to be given citizenship so that they can pursue what previously used to be known as the American dream. I am not quite sure what that dream is nowadays.

We are in the best of hands. Oh and Indiana, you have a problem.

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