Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aww: Whiny NY Libs Don't Like New Arizona Illegal Alien Law

Of course if some politicians in Arizona were to lecture Schmucky Schumer and Mikey Bloomberg how to conduct business in New York they'd be told to mind their own business. But these two of course know better than anyone about everything, so they're free to lecture the people of Arizona and tell them they should lay down and let themselves be overrun by illegal marauders.
A stringent new Arizona law aimed at identifying and prosecuting illegal immigrants drew harsh criticism Saturday from New York politicians and activists.

"We do need comprehensive immigration law in this country but not like this," said Sen. Chuck Schumer. "This law is mean-spirited and I'm opposed to it."

On Friday, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill into law making failure to carry proof of citizenship or legal status a crime, and any immigrants who can't produce the documentation can be arrested, fined $2,500 and jailed for up to six months.

Critics fear it would give cops free reign to harass the state's Hispanic population.

Mayor Bloomberg said the law, which takes effect in August, could hurt the country financially because it "sends exactly the wrong message."
Actually, it send just the right message: If you want to come to America, do so legally and you won't have any problems.

They we get to something called a Public Advocate, whatever that is. Check out the balls on this guy.
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio deemed it "un-American" legislation that "does nothing to address the pressing problems of our broken immigration system."
Liberals always come unglued when they're called un-American, yet just casually toss it out there to label anyone they disagree with. DiBlasio should mind his own shop and let the folks in Arizona tend to their own state.

Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall hearing any concerns from these folks when an Arizona rancher was murdered by an illegal alien. They might want to also consider that Arizona residents--the legal ones--are overwhelmingly in support of this law.

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