Saturday, April 24, 2010

'I Have Always Dreamed of Coming to Augusta'

Keep dreaming.
Better luck at the British Open, buddy.

A BBC correspondent flew to Augusta, Ga., to cover Tiger Woods' return to golf in The Masters - but instead filed his reports from a golf course more than a mile away.

James Pearce lacked the proper credentials to get inside Augusta National, so he gave his live updates from another local course.

Instead of following Woods and winner Phil Mickelson, Pearce delivered one report with a pair of elderly golfers puttering around in the background.

Pearce watched the four-day golfing major on television, then traveled to the golf course for his standups.

But on his BBC website blog and Twitter account, Pearce gave no indication that he wasn't anywhere near Augusta's famous "Amen Corner."

"I have always dreamed of coming to Augusta," Pearce wrote on the blog.

"This year I have finally made it. There is only one reason for that: Tiger Woods."

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