Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NBC To Air Environmental Special With Extremist Nutcase

Surely you were expecting Al Gore, right? Well, NBC has found someone even more daft to highlight in some propaganda film coming this fall.
Britain's Prince Charles will be featured on NBC later this year in a film about his environmental work.

The network said Tuesday it will show "Harmony," a movie about the prince and his view that people have lost the understanding of how to live in harmony with the natural world. It features business and environmental leaders working for a better balance.

Paul Telegdy, head of alternative programming at NBC, said Prince Charles was mocked as the "tree-hugging prince" when he first started talking about many of these issues. Telegdy knows - he's a Brit who worked for the BBC.

"I always thought of him as one of the leading environmental activists on the planet," he said.

The film also includes clips from an interview Prince Charles did about the environment in 1988 with future Nobel Prize winner Al Gore.

The special will air in November, part of NBC Universal's fourth annual week of programming promoting green lifestyles.
Of course this freeloader has one of the more massive carbon footprints known to man, a fact sure to be overlooked in this schlockumentary.
Goodall made use of publicly available records to estimate the prince’s travel and utility bills. He found that Charles was responsible for nearly 1,600 tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of more than 600 cars on Britain’s roads for a year.

Flights taken by Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall generated more than 800. They flew more tons of CO2 than 70,000 miles last year, including frequent visits to Scotland and tours of the United States, the Gulf, Pakistan and Africa.

The prince’s foreign air travel has been controversial. In January he travelled first class to the United States with Camilla and 14 aides, where he picked up an environmental awareness award. The two-day tour cost up to £120,000 and generated 54 tons of CO2. In February he hired an Airbus A319, which can seat 140 people, to carry him, Camilla and 23 aides to the Gulf at taxpayers’ expense. The tour, which generated 380 tons of CO2 four press advisers, an equerry, a dresser for the duchess, a hairdresser, two valets, a butler, a doctor, three staff in charge of logistics and travel, and a personal assistant.
When Chuckles jaunts off to the Caribbean, he and his wife really walk the walk, economizing to save the taxpayers unnecessary expense by using a small boat just for two.

Last year this conscientious guardian of the planet embarked on a South American eco-tour and racked up an astounding 322-ton carbon footprint. Meanwhile, last December this oaf jetted in style to meet with the beautiful people in Copenhagen.
PRINCE Charles used up seven months’ worth of the average British person’s “carbon footprint” yesterday flying to Copenhagen on an executive jet to make a speech on climate change.

The heir to the throne, who prides himself on his green credentials, cost taxpayers an estimated £12,000 and racked up a 6.486-ton carbon footprint in one day by taking a seven-seater RAF Royal Flight HS125 jet to the summit in the Danish capital.
This is who NBC deems appropriate to lecture the rest of us about being green.

Maybe they can have Giselle Bundchen come on for a guest appearance.

By the time this chump shows up on NBC, according to his estimate the planet will only have six years left.
PRINCE CHARLES warned world leaders last night they had just seven years to save the world.

In a passionate speech at the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen, Charles described the event as "historic".

He said: "Our planet has reached a point of crisis and we have only seven years before we lose the levers of control."

The prince said mankind had the power to push the planet to the brink but also the ability to bring it back into balance.

He added: "This is an historic moment. I can only appeal to you to listen to the cries of those who are already suffering from the impact of climate change.

"The eyes of the world are upon you and it is no understatement to say that, with your signatures, you can write our future."

Prince Charles said humankind seemed "intent on consuming the planet".
He's sure done more than his share.

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