Friday, April 23, 2010

Can We Start Drilling Offshore Now?

Everybody is aware of the horrible accident that occurred on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana which has resulted in 11 missing workers. The oil rig suffered an explosion and the resultant fire and has now slipped below the surface, but guess what? There has been no leakage of oil.

No environmental disaster which all of the enviro weenies constantly harp about and use to fear monger to block the further exploration and drilling for oil and natural gas in the offshore fields that have been identified. This of course is horrible news for the environmental crowd.
There is no crude oil spilling from the sunken oil rig off the Louisiana coast, an official told "Good Morning America" today, easing fears of a massive environmental disaster.

"We've been able to determine there is nothing emanating from the well-head," Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry said. "That being said, we have positioned resources to be ready to respond should a spill occur... We will continue to monitor 24/7 for the next several days."

That information is contained in a print version of the report on the ABC news web site, but see if you catch any mention of it in the video report.

Now guess which version of this report will have a bigger effect.

Of course this won't matter one bit in the minds of the apocalyptic mindset of the liberals who seem to see the destruction of the planet just around every corner.

The incident is horrible and I am not trying to make light of it, but it does provide empirical data, that means provable and concrete for those who worship at the altar of Al Gore, that we can drill in the waters off of our coasts safely. The cause of the explosion of course needs to be investigated completely so that the cause can be determined and steps can be taken to prevent such a thing from happening again, but there is no reason to continue blocking the expansion of the oil companies efforts to tap into these resources.

It is time to stop the politics of fear that the liberals engage in. Basing arguments on unseen boogey men with specious and unproven arguments has got to end. Exchange woulda, coulda, shoulda with proven information from solid sources and quit scaring people with their imminent demise.

Our efforts to reach the moon also met with some failures and loss of life, but it also provided some of the best examples of what it is that used to make America great and highlighted our indomitable spirit and good old Yankee ingenuity and know how. It is time to try and recapture that spirit and quit living in fear of what happens if we fail.

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