Thursday, April 22, 2010

Infamous Teabagger Continues Bashing Palin

This guy is a real teabagger, in the original sense of the word, and for those that don't know what the original sexual slang this is the word for, look it up. The ghey in question is Andrew Sullivan, who has for almost two years now been running columns full of conspiracy theories about the parentage of Sarah Palin's mentally challenged son and that of her daughter Bristol's child, has now gone further off the rails ranting about how the press gave Sarah Palin a pass, and continues to give her a pass.

Excuse me. I could take that column and substitute the name Obama and it would be far more appropriate.
Here's a revealing glimpse into how a delusional, incompetent, pathological liar has managed never to hold a real press conference and yet remains a credible public figure.
Remind me again how many press conferences Obama has had? Andrew would be wise to remember which one is an elected figure and which one is a private citizen. Last time I checked my auto mechanic wasn't giving any press interviews either.
The reason I banged on and on about Palin's bizarre story about her fifth campaign prop during the campaign was not because I wanted to invade someone's privacy, or engage in loony conspiracy theories. The reason is simply that this story raised legitimate questions of fact, and that the press decided that it would never ask the relevant questions, and indeed ostracize and ridicule those who did.
C'mon, Andrew. A handicapped child is now a campaign prop? I am sure nine months before his birth the Palins knew that John McCain was going to reach down and pluck her out of her job as governor of Alaska and ask her to be his running mate. At that time I think everybody had pretty much written off the McCain campaign.

Odd choice of expressions also, maybe a Freudian slip with the banging allusion?
The problem here is not really Palin. Every delusional, ignorant nutcase should have a chance to get away with running for national office. The problem here is the system - a system that allowed someone no-one knew anything about to get very close to being a 72-year-old's heartbeat away from the presidency, a system that deems some questions unaskable, a press that is more concerned with maximizing ratings and avoiding offence than in getting answers. This system is dangerous. If you construct a sealed media cocoon, and false narrative, and a massive money-machine, you can get further than most people imagine.
Tsk, tsk. Such vitriol and name calling. I do, however, agree that the sentiments put forth here more aptly describe Obama then they do Palin, but then I am just not sure what color the unicorns are in Mr. Sullivan's world.

Look, if GEICO can ditch a voice-over guy for making threatening phone calls it seems that The Atlantic can cut loose somebody who appears to be in serious need of some mental health treatment. At some point I would think he would make those around him uncomfortable coming to work and sharing an office with him, provided of course he actually does go into an office. Somehow I think this guy sits around his house all day, lost in his delusions of all things Palin. This guy is scary and I wouldn't want to be around when he either sobers up or a flash of reality hits him. It just might be more then he can handle.

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