Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ever Been Curious About Who Posts at Democratic Underground?

Most people who follow political discussion blogs are familiar with the progressive site Democratic Underground. It is a fetid cesspool where they ridicule everything conservative, often sinking to the lowest level. They agree with the harassment of the military and their families, enjoy inventing new derogatory terms for the objects of their scorn, mostly Sarah Palin and Karl Rove, and of course all things Bush, and are in general a whining bunch of pantywaists. A trip through their message boards will leave you wanting a long, hot shower. Lest you think they are, however, some sort of fringe unit, a lot of Congress critters post there and you will often see the ideas they put forth mentioned in speeches on the floor of the House.

Well, here is a chance to meet one of their members. This weekend Steve Leser appeared on the Fox News show called 'Cashin In', which is a show revolving around business. Mr. Leser apparently had made a bet with Wayne Rogers, yes, the Dr Trapper John from M*A*S*H fame, that unemployment would soon reach 7.5%. The loser would have to wear a dress. Steve was so impressed with himself that he couldn't wait to post an entry on the DU message boards trumpeting his hey, look at me moment. He did, however, forget to mention that soon he would be wearing a dress.

Something tells me that a lot of those who post over DU are waiting in tense anticipation of seeing Steve in dress.

For pure comedy gold, you want to watch this segment in which Steve manages to crack up the entire panel with his downplaying of how the federal government is taking over so much of our day to day lives. There is some pretty sobering comments about the future of healthcare in this country also.

Bear in mind the people comprising this panel are not politicians, but rather people who work on Wall St. or are involved in the private business sector. They deal with facts and figures and not hope and change.

BTW, you just have to love Jonathon Hoening. Anybody who runs an investment firm called Capitalist Pig can't be all bad.

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