Thursday, April 29, 2010

Patches Gets So Bombed He Calls Obama 'The Best President Ever'

Geez, whatever happened to family loyalty? Unfortunately his uncle's presidency was cut short, but he at least served nearly three years, twice as long as this abomination currently occupying the White House.

Must have been some incredibly strong vodka he was knocking back.
After a candid speech discussing his substance-abuse problems, Rep. Patrick Kennedy sauntered into a DC watering hole and ordered up so many vodka shots that the bartender refused to serve him any more, it was reported yesterday.

Kennedy, the troubled son of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, downed at least six shots of straight-up vodka before the bartender cut him off, a source told the Roll Call's Heard on the Hill blog.

He strolled into the Capitol Lounge just hours after being recognized for helping people with mental-health issues.

When a patron offered to buy him a drink, Kennedy eagerly ordered up a vodka shot, according to Roll Call.

The Rhode Island Democrat -- who is not running for re-election -- was in high spirits, calling President Obama "the best president ever," the source told Roll Call.

When the source told Kennedy he reminded him of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, the lawmaker guffawed, "Oh, yeah! Good one."

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