Monday, May 30, 2011

'Anthony's Accounts Were Obviously Hacked'

If it's so obvious, why doesn't he contact the police? This happened three days ago, so what is he waiting for?
Despite the quiet holiday weekend, Capitol Hill was buzzing about what quickly became known as Weinergate.

Some DC wonks were skeptical of Weiner's hacking story and questioned the lack of a police report about a crime as serious as Internet identity theft, a Washington insider said.

The uncertainty was also fed by Weiner's decision to quickly delete the posted photo -- and every other photo connected to the account.

As for Cordova, she took her Twitter and Facebook pages down after her name surfaced in connection with the congressman.

Weiner's rep, Dave Arnold, told The Post yesterday, "This is intended to be a distraction, and we're not going to let it become one.

"Anthony's accounts were obviously hacked. He doesn't know the person named by the hacker, and we will be consulting on what steps to take next."
The next steps? Try resigning for starters and well go from there. Curious how they're avoiding reporting this dastardly crime, isn't it?

The young lady Weiner "allegedly" send his boner photo to has obviously had some help with her statement.
There have never been any inappropriate exchanges between Anthony Weiner and myself, including the tweet/picture in question, which had apparently been deleted before it reached me. I cannot answer the questions that I do not have the answers to. I am not sure whether or not this letter will alleviate any future harassment. I also do not have a clear understanding as to how or why exactly I am involved in this fiasco. I do know that my life has been seriously impacted by speculation and faulty allegations. My reputation has been called into question by those who lack the character to report the facts.
How can a photo which was sent be deleted before it reaches the intended recipient? This makes no sense.

Weiner's people really need to work on their story, since none of what they're currently claiming is believable.

More here.
The photo, which shows a man from the waist down wearing bulging gray underwear, was sent to a woman who is a journalism student in the Seattle area. She quickly deleted her Twitter and Facebook accounts after the incident.
So if she never received the photo, as claimed, why would she delete her accounts?

Meanwhile, internet supersleuths have discovered the perp behind all this: It's Breitbart!
Here we go again. Andrew Breitbart is shameless. The joy he takes in maliciously destroying the reputations of others is reprehensible. He's a sociopath who needs some serious professional help. Although stepping in front is bus would suffice.


Supercore said...

"<span>So if she never received the photo, as claimed,"</span>

She was sent a link to a photo on yfrog. She is saying that the photo was deleted before she could follow the link to it. The photo was up and then down within a matter of minutes. It's not implausible that she did not click through in time.

FrankG said...

suuuure. That you, Horschak?

Supercore said...

No idea who Horshak is, sorry.

Twitter allows you to send links to files but not files themselves. I'm just trying to point out the implications of that fact.

The Reaganite Republican said...

He means they were hacked by "Little Tony", nothing he could do about it lol

Tea Party at Perrysburg said...

Okay, so what he's going to do is exactly what Ace said. He's going to get private consulting done, claim they resolved it, case closed. Hm. How does this keep going then. Hm. 

ArmyWife said...

Let me spare future congresscritters some shame - women are not excited about tweeted pics of your acoutrements in undies. Just don't do it. Unless you are David Beckham, and this clearly is NOT David Beckham.