Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arizona Hit Squads Targeting Hispanics

To borrow from the Godfather of Linkage, Instapundit, they told me if Arizona passed their immigration law there would be roaming government hit squads.

In this case, the hit squads belong to that leftist tool Sheriff Dupnik of the very liberal Pima County. The area of Arizona which recently vowed to secede from the union, and the sheriff who assured anyone in the media who stuck a microphone in his face that the person responsible for the shooting that included the killing of a 9-year-old girl and critically wounding Congresswoman Giffords was the work of right-wingers whipped up into a froth over politics. He conveniently forgot to mention how the accused in this case has a long history of making threats.

Well, Dupnik dispatched his highly-trained SWAT team to the home Iraqi war veteran, a former Marine, Jose Guerena. The reports have been all over the place as to what actually happened but a few facts have emerged that appear to be indisputable. His Keystone cops fired at least 70 rounds indiscriminately into the residence after one of the officers had an accidental discharge of a weapon while breaking down the door to enter the residence. Information on whether they even had the right address is also in dispute. In addition, after spraying the residence with no regard for innocent life they refused the wounded medical care and had an ambulance sit outside for at least an hour. In other words, they needed to make sure that Guerena was dead so that he couldn't give his account of events.

Imagine the liberal outrage if the same sequence of events had occurred in Iraq during one of Guerena's two tours. If his squad had kicked in the door of an Iraqi citizen, sprayed the house indiscriminately and then refused to offer to medical assistance. I think we know what would happen, and the departed former congressman John Murtha would be leading the charge like he has in the past.

In other words, everything about this incident is in question except for the fact that Cpl Guerena is now dead and that lying dirtbag of a sheriff can't get his story straight.

I have been following the story for about a week and was waiting for the fog of war, such as it is, to clear and for the facts to become clear; unfortunately because of this idiot sheriff there are no facts because their story keeps changing. As always, the guys over at This Ain't Hell and Blackfive are on the case and I strongly encourage everybody to read their writeups on this incident.

I also strongly encourage people to start pressuring the Mass Market Media to cover the story. They are ignoring it because it happened in their liberal utopian oasis of the southwest to one of their icons of progressive law and order.

UPDATE: All records and evidence related to this case have now been sealed while Sheriff Barney Fife and his trigger happy, undisciplined Keystone Kops go into CYA mode.

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