Friday, May 27, 2011

Video: Tucson SWAT Team Fires 70 Shots on Marine

You would think at some point the media might actually have questions for that stooge DA Clarence Dupnik.
A U.S. Marine who died in a flurry of bullets during a drug raid near Tucson never fired on the SWAT team that stormed his house, a report by the Pima County Sheriff's Department shows.

The revelation was contained in an internal investigation released by the department Thursday.

Jose Guerena died May 5 after a SWAT team descended on his home in a Tucson suburb with a search warrant. His home was one of four believed to be associated with a drug smuggling operation in the area.

A video released Thursday by the sheriff's department shows the uniformed SWAT team pulling up outside his house, sounding their sirens, banging on the front door -- before kicking it in -- and opening fire shortly after entering the home.

Officers fired more than 70 shots, the investigation showed. Deputies said they opened fire after Guerena, 26, gestured at them with an AR-15 -- a semiautomatic rifle.

Some of the officers said they believed that Guerena fired on them, but the investigation showed that no shots were fired from the weapon and it was never taken off the safety position.

Initial news reports indicated that he had been struck by more than 60 bullets. However, CNN has seen an initial report from the medical examiner that details 22 bullet wounds.
Well, that's a relief. It was only 22 bullets.

Three weeks ago it was reported Guarena fired on them. Oops.

At what point are these goons going to be brought up on charges?


Louis Nettles said...

45 seconds and he's dead.

Chris said...

There are no words, no emoticons that adequately communicate the rage I am experiencing right now.

GWHH said...

did any one else notice the radio musci playing in the background?  You don't conduct a SWAT team raid while listing to the radio.  You need to listen for such things as a police radio, gun shots, shouts from your fellow swat team members, etc.  These guys are either totaly clues or just haming it up for the camera.