Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blinged-Out Michelle Obama's Shocking New Hairdo

Combine a bit too much hair relaxer with those fierce British winds and look what happens.

Actually, it's all just an optical illusion. Typically, the story goes on to pretend what a stunning fashion icon she is. The British tabloids must have also gotten the same memo their American brethren did: No matter how hideous her fashion choices are, just pretend how great she looks. So nice to see how she's down with the plight of the little people by sporting a necklace valued at £1,500. Should go well with her $540 sneakers.


Jon1979 said...

Turnabout fair play for all the photographers from the big media outlets in the U.S. that have positioned themselves to get Obama standing in front of a light source, in order to create the deity-like 'halo' effect around his head.

Richard Butler said...

Good Lord please tell me this is a scene from a SNL skit. This woman has absolutely no taste or sense of style. She's embarrasing. Isn't this really Patti LaBelle substituting for Michelle Omama.

Who or Whatever this person is she needs a couple of years in a styling course. Maybe someone forgot to tell her they use 220 in Europe instead of 110. That might explain the hair dryer malfunction. Someone please get to her and explain the definition of fashion and style. Soon!

Rose said...

And no wedding ring. I saw the pic close-up, yesterday, but the tangled-looking necklace distracted me. I saw a headline somewhere and the same photo and realized, I DID TAKE NOTE of the one large square ring on her forefinger and thought it odd she didn't have more rings, would have match the theme of the necklace.

But the most glaring thing after all is the missing wedding set - I am positive would NOT have been missed by the Queen and her husband.

Really Bizarre Omission on a state visit.