Saturday, May 28, 2011

Miller Brewing Gets Taken By IAVA

Proving that even the big boys are subject to getting scammed Miller High Life has thrown their lot in with a group called Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of American (IAVA) for a promotion. The name of the group probably has a lot to do with how easy Miller got taken, but they should have done a little research.

I have written about this group before, they are a partisan political front group for the Democrats. They manage to fly under the radar because they don't do a lot of publicity-whore stuff their more radical associates in Code Pink or IVAW Iraq Veterans Against the War do, but they do have the ear of liberals in Congress, which is what make them dangerous. The guys over at This Ain't Hell have done numerous takedowns of this group and especially their leader, some guy who spent four months running a motor pool in Kuwait and came out of it with the combined wisdom of the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff and began spouting off to anybody who would stick a microphone in his face how everything we were doing was wrong. You see, that is how his name became known. You don't think anybody who actually supported the troops and their mission would be welcome in the halls of Congress during the Bush years, do you?

Even with politics aside, if this group did work to assist veterans I might be able to look beyond this alliance, but the fact is they work against veterans. They have been strong advocates for raising our medical insurance rates, reducing the size of the military budget and troop strength as well as contributing heavily to other groups who are carrying out far more radical anti-war activities.

No, Miller, you should have done some research, and with this coming on the Memorial Day weekend, this could very well turn out to be disastrous for them as word of this alliance spreads among the veteran community.

Now, pass me a Sam Adams.


drfredc said...

One might suspect that this 'opps' may have been started by some (left leaning) Miller union suggestion.

Sean Yasim said...

This is exactly what I was thinking when I first started seeing these ads. IAVA is a far-Left organization. It's leader (can't remember his name) was all over CNN and MSNBC slamming Bush and supporting Obama in 08. I will not purchase another Miller product as long as this BS is going on. BTW, has anyone heard any of IAVA's ads on talk radio lately. I heard one on Hannity about a month ago, which was troubling.

Jonn Lilyea said...

Thanks for the link, Just A Grunt;

The real problem with IAVA is that, despite the tons of money they take in, no one can tell what they do for veterans. They have no lobbyists, they have no veteran advocates or counselors. All they do is advertise for themselves.

And, oh, they seem to be successful at getting a higher profile for Paul Reickhoff, their ED. He had a bit part in The Green Zone and rubs elbows with Hollywood. He also used to run OpTruth, the anti-Bush website which eventually transmorgified into IAVA.

A co-founder of IAVA got an undersecretary job at the Pentagon after being the vet advisor for Obama's campaign, but even he got fired for being an incompetent boob when he couldn't find a way to close Guantanamo.

Richard Butler said...

I wonder if these are some of the douchebags such as Jesse Macbeth who had absolutely nothing to do with the combat in the Middle East. There are so many "vets" runnng around who did jack shit in the Middle East but cook, keep books, change tires, etcs. And I am in no way disrespecting their service but at the same time there are those who take advantage of their time in the Middle East to come off as some sort of wannabe Pattons. Thank God there are watchdog groups that keep out an eye for shit-stains like these who try and take advantage of our men and women who are doing so much good in the War against terror.